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mustard yellow raw silk embroidered blouse from thefareaststudio

Mustard Yellow Raw Silk Embroidered Blouses from TheFarEastArtStudio

Price: US $64

black raw silk embroidered blouse from thefareaststudio

Black Raw Silk Embroidered Blouses along with Pure Bangladeshi Zamdani Saree

Price: US $145

raw silk kantha work blouse from thefareaststudio

Raw Silk Kantha Work Blouse paired with Blush Peach Pure Bangladesi Dhaka Zamdani Saree

Price: US $230

handpainted kalamkari tussar silk blouse from thefareaststudio

Handpainted Kalamkari Blouse on Tussar Silk

Price: US $82

blue raw silk embroidered blouse from thefareaststudio

Blue Raw Silk Embroidered Blouses

Price: US $64

red raw silk embroidered blouse from thefareaststudio

Red Raw Silk Embroidered Blouse paired with Off-White Pure Bangladesi Dhakai Zamdani Saree

Price: US $145

orange raw silk kantha work embroidered blouse from thefareaststudio

Orange Raw Silk Kantha Embroidered Blouse

Price: US $64

These embroidered blouses collection is from TheFarEastArtStudio

About TheFarEastArtStudio:

They deal with Indian Handlooms and work closely with weavers, social organisations and cooperatives to design and create some of the best sarees, fabric and sometimes make contemporary fashion wear out of them. They ship from London and Kolkata depending on the location of our products. All orders shipped from India are via DHL.

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Contact Details:

You can buy them online on Etsy – Etsy Store

Mobile: +44 7703 779830



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